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Newsback - Trace the source of information and assess its authenticity

Trace the source of news content, assess its authenticity

Search the origin, verify the source

Newsback relies on a unique repository of more than 30 years of continuously updated multimedia archives, using advanced automatic recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to instantly find the reference of original or modified content.

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Trace the provenance of a piece of content and analyse its dissemination

Understanding the chronology of a piece of news content establishes trust in the source. Journalists, the media, government bodies as well as businesses can make better informed opinions and act accordingly.

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Instantly find the media coverage of a news item

From one or more keywords, instantly find global media coverage on a news item from a chosen period.

Filter the results by media type and refine your search.

Trusted news is back

To maintain the integrity of a piece of news content, quickly identifying its origin, dissemination and potential manipulation is necessary.

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